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How the War on Drugs is Putting the Mothers of Babes Behind Bars

Mothers across the country are being prosecuted for drug use while pregnant, even if the drugs they use are legal. This includes the states of Oregon and Washington, considered in some respects to be more progressive than others when it comes to women's rights. A state-by-state analysis shows that in all states but five (Delaware, Iowa, Maine, Rhode Island, and Vermont) women have been prosecuted for drug use during pregnancy (see How States Handle Drug Use During Pregnancy).

Paid Maternity Leave Allows One Family to Travel the World

Only ten weeks after giving birth a mother from England set sails for a trip around the world with her partner and baby.


Today someone called my office who had been married for only a few weeks and whose wife had initiated dissolution proceedings in this, a no-fault state. The young man had been promised many things by this lady of his and she fell short in his opinion. He felt humiliated like he had given himself up to her as vulnerable and in front of his entire community. 

Domestic Violence in Vancouver, Washington

Domestic Violence is not always so well hidden and today I was shocked to read about a teen who committed suicide after being forced to marry her rapist

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